4 Step Easy Profit System

Break-Through Money Making Secrets Revealed!
31 Pages. No fluff, No filler; all facts. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme
– it does involve effort and some work. But you can start making money
right away with it. Don’t pass this up or you may regret it for life. You
can work for yourself and make a great living online with these

Earning money online doesn’t have to be a difficult
process. In fact, it’s quite simple. And all it takes
four easy steps. Whether you’re a novice, or someone
with experience under their belt, this system
enable you to generate income from the internet!
This system is used every single day. Ever heard the
saying, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”? I have a
better saying for you. . .
“If You’re Broke, This System Will Fix It!”
And, no matter what you’re selling, or how you’re
selling it, this system can be conformed to fit. Just
following the 4 simple steps outlined in this guide is
all it takes. But you must follow each of the
steps to see any type of positive results.
Reality Check: Absolutely NO system will earn you
profits overnight.
NO system can guarantee you will
earn millions.
NO system will do all the work for you.
must be willing to work at this for the system to
work for
My 4 step system
WILL work. It won’t make you a
millionaire of course. If you’re looking for that type
of product, then this isn’t the system for you. There
are plenty of those types of “scam” products floating
about that you can waste your money on. This system is
designed to teach you how real people earn real money
from the internet in plain terms so you can put the
system into
ACTION immediately.
The 4 step system was developed for people that are new
to the world of earning money online, although it is a
fantastic system for those seasoned as well.
Now, are you ready to take control of your online
profiting potential?
Let’s get right to it then!
Here it is. . . .Your 4 Step System For
Earning Money Online:
STEP 2: Income Source
STEP 3: Promotion
STEP 4: Profit
Simple, right?
In fact, you may be thinking it’s too simple. Don’t
worry, each step will be thouroughly explained so that
you can use this system quickly, and easily, to
generate as many “ports of profit” as you wish 🙂

STEP 1: Creation
Without “something” you have “nothing”. So it stands to
reason that you need something in order to generate
profits for yourself. Thus we have Step 1, Creation.
You can create a small website, a special report, an
article, or even a full blown product. It’s really up
to you and how you want to earn your online profits.
Now, we’ll break down each of these creation models so
you know how to use them to your benefit.
In order to successfully use this creation model, you
need a website. Now, this can be a small, targeted
website that discusses one specific subject, or a
simple little blog. We don’t need to make things more
complicated for ourselves here. So sticking with one
subject per site is a good plan to follow.
This type of site is more often referred to as a “mini
site”. Does that mean the website has to be composed of
just one page of information?
NO! It simply means that
we are covering one subject at length.
All right, now it’s time to pick a subject. This choice
can be anything you want really. But take a moment to
ponder this. If you decide on dog care or gardening as

your subject that’s a good start. However, this is
still a ‘general’ category that may have you facing
serious competition.
Try narrowing that general category down just a bit
further, like, say, chihuahua care, or Japanese
gardening, and you now have what many Internet
marketers(people who make money online) as a “targeted
niche” subject.
Even if you want to get into the broad subject of
earning money online, you can still narrow that down
some with a more targeted category of “earning money
from home with garage sale items”, or something along
those lines. Use your imagination and you can carve out
a nice little subject for yourself 🙂
Okay, so you’ve got your subject, now you need to
collect information on it to put onto your website.
Otherwise, all you’ve got is a spiffy little plate. You
need some “meat” to go on it. And free reprintable
articles is a great place to start. This is especially
perfect for those that don’t like to, or don’t want to
Here are some article repositories for you to begin
your search for your subject:
iSnare http://www.isnare.com/
HTTParticles http://www.httparticles.com/
Used Articles http://www.usedarticles.com/
Reprint Articles http://reprintarticles.com/?ar
Best Free Reprint Articles http://bestarticles.biz/
Infoprisor http://www.infoprisor.com/
Hot Articles http://www.hotarticles.net/
By now, you’ve probably found at least a few articles
you can use on your website on your chosen subject.
And, hopefully you have either bookmarked those
articles or copied and saved them to your NotePad.
This will make things much easier for the next part,
which is actually building your website!
First though, you need to have a “foundation” to build
on. And that means having your own web site space, or
web hosting. This can be free, or paid, it’s your
But know that with many free hosting companies you
don’t have much, if any, control on the advertisements
that are shown on your site, and this is something you
must have control over if you want to earn any profits
from your site. So consider a paid hosting company. You
don’t have to spend a bundle on it either. Shop around
and compare prices. I’m certain you’ll find a company
that fits your budget 🙂
Moving on.
The easiest way to build a website is to use a pre

built web template and a WYSIWYG(This stands for “What
You See Is What You Get” which let’s you see all the
changes you are making to your web page as you make
them.) HTML editor.
Need both? No problem!
Download Some Great HTML Web Templates Here
Download A 15 Day Trial Of 1-2-3 WYSIWYG Here
Next, pick out the web template you like, then open it
inside of the 1-2-3 WYSIWYG HTML editor. Make your
basic changes to the template such as the name of your
website, site menu item links, images, etc. Then be
sure to save your newly edited template before
continuing on. This will save you time later.
Insert your selected articles making sure you create a
separate page for each article. This is easy to do.
After you have inserted your article text into the HTML
template, simply select:
> File > Save As. . . and
give the web page a new name. This way you can create
multiple web pages without having to recreate the
entire template again and again.
Once you have that all finished up, you can then upload
your web site pages to your website space.
At this point, you may be wondering how in the heck can
you earn money from a bunch of free information. We’ll
be getting to that in the second step a little later
on, so don’t freak out on me.

Right now, we’re just concentrating on creating a place
to insert your “income sources” to.
The other option you have is to create your own blog.
This is even more simple to set up than a website, if
you can believe that!
100% true.
And, you don’t even need to have your own web site
space, or web hosting to do it either. You can use any
number of free blogging service providers such as
Blogger, that provide you with your very own subdomain
you can promote without having to spend a penny.
The process is virtually the same when using a blog to
earn profits from as the web site. Only, you don’t need
any tools to do it since they are provided to you, as
Blogger does.
All you need to do is use the free reprint articles as
your blog posts and there you go! Instant content that
didn’t cost you anything.
One important note though, when you are selecting your
specific subdomain name for your blog, you should
choose a name that has at least one keyword that
describes your subject. Like if you selected chihuahua
dogs as your subject, then you could select “aychihuahua” or “chihuahuacare” or something along these
lines. It will make it easier for your site to be found
when someone searches for this type of information.

Writing up a special report requires a bit more
thinking power, but not too much 😉 When making a
special report, you’ll need to do a bit of research
first, and then type up your own original article, or
content on your subject of choice.
It’s not that hard. Honest. Think of it as writing a
report when you were in school. That’s all it is
really. It doesn’t have to be 400 pages long.
Realistically, it should be short but informative.
Most special reports are distributed as
PDF files
because these types of files are independent of
computer operating systems.
What this means is that no matter what type of OS your
computer runs on, be it a MAC
® or a Windows® system, as
long as you have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, you’ll be able
to read any PDF file.
Just like this ebook you’re reading right this very

Now, before you save your special report as a PDF file,
you should save it first as a Word .doc file, or a
simple plain .txt file so that you can add in little
special “money maker” links before redistributing your
final version. If you don’t have a word processing
program such as Word, I highly suggest you get a copy
Open Office. It’s free, and it’s a super program
that is capable of creating Word .doc files with.
It doesn’t matter if you give away your special report,
or charge a fee for it. It all depends on what it is
you want to accomplish with distributing your report.
If you want to get people to visit your blog or
website, or you’re promoting a specific affiliate
program, give it away.
If your goal is to earn a little extra money with it,
and build a newsletter mailing list, charge something
for it and include a link to sign up for your
newsletter for free updates to the report.
There is plenty you can do with a special report, and
we’ll discuss this more in the next Step.
Writing a free, reprintable article is a super way to
get yourself noticed. And earning money. The quick and
dirty explanation is this:
Write an original article on your specific subject
Put in an affiliate link or two leading to more
expansive information on your chosen subject

Place a link back to your web site or blog inside the
Author Resource Box at the end of your article
That’s all there is to it.
The hardest part of this process is submitting your
article to the free article repositories like the ones
listed earlier. And the only reason that is difficult
is because it’s time consuming.
Some article repositories will have specific “terms”
that your article will have to adhere to before they
accept and publish it onto their site. So make certain
you read their “terms” and “policies” beforehand
to save yourself a big headache later on.
This creation model is the most complicated, but most
profitable way to earn yourself some money online. Why?
Two reasons:
1. Something that you create yourself full of your
original content is a
unique product not seen before
2. Because it is an original creation, it takes more
time to build it

I’m not going to get into all the specifics of creating
your own information product in this guide, but I have
a few excellent resources for you that do explain it
that you can download and read at your
leisure here:
Complete Guide To Info-Product Creation
Newbies Guide To Easy Info-Product Set Up
How To Create Profitable Products In Less Than A Day
How To Set Up Profit Pulling Niches
Step 2: Income Source
Now we come to the part where you begin inserting money
generating sources into your content.
There are several ways you can earn money online. Let’s
first talk about ways you can do this from your website
or blog.
Using AdSense
Lots of people use this to generate an income from
their sites. The most obvious reason for this is that
it’s free. Beyond that, when you have a highly targeted
subject, such as we discussed in the first part of this
guide, then the AdSense advertisements automatically
fall into the same targeted subject too.
And, if you have, say, 10 different websites or blogs
that each deal with a different subject matter, and
each of those is comprised of, say, 20 pages of
content, meaning your articles you have posted on a
separate page for each of them as I instructed you to
do, then you have
200 possible income sources right
Of course this doesn’t mean that you’ll be earning
money from each of those pages, but at least you are
giving yourself a 1 in 200 chance to do so. And the
more pages you have, well, you get the idea 🙂
There are plenty of great products that explain this

process of using Adsense to earn money from your
websites. I’m only going to provide you with the “bare
bones” here.
So, first, you need to visit the Google Adsense site
and sign up for their free program here:
And read all the available information on their program
BEFORE you apply to be sure that your website is
acceptable per their terms.
Now, to really capitalize on all the profit potential
of using Adsense, you should read up more on the
subject. So I’m going to give you some!
AdSense Empire
Newbies Guide To AdSense
AdSense Revenue Exposed
AdSense Template Package
Using Affiliate Programs
As mentioned earlier, placing affiliate links within
your content is another easy way to generate profits
from your website, blog, or information products.
The best way to do this is to create an article by
writing up a review of the product you are an affiliate
to and including your affiliate link inside of it.
Or providing more in depth information about the
product via an article that will explain to your site
visitors how this product can help or benefit them in
what they are trying to accomplish. Again, including
your affiliate link to the program you are discussing.
You could use one article per affiliate program. Or you
could talk about a whole group of affiliate programs
that compliment each other. This second idea will give
you more of a chance to earn a profit from your
affiliate programs you have signed up for also.
A great example of this is can be seen in
The Big
Yellow Book of Turbo Marketing Secrets
by John
Delavera. What John did here is to give valuable
information on how to use specific marketing tactics to
generate profits online and built that information
around his products.

Thereby creating a viral marketing tool out of the
product itself to pull him in profits by giving away
something for free and allowing others to give it away
also. That’s where the “viral” part comes in.
See, John created a product that would spread
throughout this subject to all the people searching for
more information on it like a “virus”. That’s what
internet marketers will refer to as a “viral” product
or tool.
But, since John’s the creator of the products he
mentions in his Big Yellow Book, where does the
affiliate part come in? Well, it doesn’t! At least not
in the sense that you can place your affiliate links
inside it. However the principle of it is the same. You
add links inside your information product that earn you
Many times these ebooks are called “Brandable” due to
the fact that you can “brand” the special affiliate
links inside them with your own. But, you can also
create your own, “non-brandable” special reports,
articles, or ebooks that can be downloaded and given
away for free that are filled with your affiliate
Using Resellable Products
Right. This is pretty much a “no-brainer”. You buy the
product that grants you permission to resell it. You

resell it directly from your website or blog. 100%
Instant Profits
right to you!
It’s that simple.
To expand on that even further, you can also use the
tactics above and create a nice little “pitch” article
explaining what’s so great about it, how it can help
your readers, and why they should consider investing
their money in it.
Of course, you can always take a whole hand-full of
resellable products and re-package them thereby
creating a new product.
There are so many different ways you can use resellable
products to create income for yourself online that this
subject has been covered at length many times. As a
matter of fact, here are some of them you can
download now and examine:
How To Sell Info Products On eBay
Info Product Resellers Pack – be sure to read the
salespage for info on how resellable products can help
you earn money online
Instant Info Riches
Money From Home
Resell Rights Profits


The Rich Jerk
“I’m Better Than You!” He’s earning disgusting amounts of cash. . .And
he’s revealing
all in his ebook guide. Find out how you can earn
immense profits by following the “Rich Jerk’s” example just like he did!

Step 3: Promotion
A wise person once said,
“It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Selling The Greatest
Product In The World, It Won’t Make You One Cent If No
One Ever Knows About It”
And that’s where promoting your site, or product comes
in. How can you expect to make any money from your
content if no one sees it? You can’t!
But, where to start?
First of all, submit your site or blog to search
engines. You can do this manually, or pay a company to
do it for you. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just
that you get it done! Now, if you don’t have a website,
or blog, and don’t want to build one, that’s all right
too. You just have to go a different route to get your
product or content noticed.
Using auction sites and online forums are great arenas
to begin selling your products. And to generate some
traffic to your sites as well. Very versatile resources
any way you use them.
Auction sites are pretty self explanatory. Forums on
the other hand, take a bit of finesse when you
advertise. Many forums don’t allow direct advertising,
so you need to use what’s provided to you. And that
means using the signature tag space. You can place
links to your site, or products right from there. But

do it tactfully. And always be sure your signature
complies with the forum rules.
Another often overlooked way to advertise your products
or content legally is through a payment processor such
PayPal, StormPay, or PayDotCom.
Yes. I said a payment processor.
Often times, when you select a payment processing
company to collect your online payments, they also have
a place where you can advertise your online store. This
form of advertisement should be used strictly for those
selling products though.
One last form of advertisement is through newsletters
or ezines. I’m not talking about Safelists here.
aren’t worth a damn
. So don’t waste your time on them.
I’m talking about newsletter ad swap programs and
solo ads that are run inside the current issues for
that particular ezine.
Of course there are plenty of other ways to advertise
your site, but these will bring you the best results by

Step 4: Profit!
Now we’re at the end. And all that’s left to do is play
the waiting game. Don’t expect massive windfalls of
cash to roll into your account overnight. It just won’t
happen. But, over time, you will see the fruits of your
labor pay off.
Even after you put just one of these suggestions to use
and you manage to earn an extra $50, that’s $50 you
didn’t have before, right? Always look at things in a
positive way, and take your success as it comes to
you in little bite size pieces.
The best way to continue to generate profits for
yourself from the internet is to take all the things
that have worked for you thus far and repeat them over
and over again.
Repetition is the key to consistency.
Think about it. It’s so obvious!
Who knows? Maybe in a years time, you could be one of
those lucky ducks who make such a consistent profit
that you can quit your day job. Or at least go part
time 😉
Whatever your future may have in store for you, I wish
you the very best and hope that this guide has provided
a good jumping point for you with an endless bottom
filled with cash!


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