The Yemeni Emergency Committee to confront the Corona epidemic announced the registration of the first case of the Corona virus (Covid-19) today, Friday, in the coast of Hadramout, in the east of the country.
The spokesman for the committee, Dr. Ali Al-Waleedi, said during a press conference held in the city of Ataq, the center of Shabwa governorate, that the injured man is a citizen in the
sixth decade of his life, and he was transferred to one of the health isolation centers in the coast of Hadramout, and he is receiving care and health care and his condition is stable.
Al-Waleedi indicated that the surveillance teams received the notification on the eighth of April, and they got out to see the case and take the data and sample from the patient.
“The results of the sample examination were positive, so this is the first case in our country,” he added.
He pointed out that the epidemiological surveillance and rapid response teams in the coast of Hadramout have taken the necessary measures with those in contact with the patient and his family, and have taken all necessary measures.
He pointed out that during the past period, more than 120 suspects were registered, including 94 suspected cases in militia-controlled areas, and contact was made with the World Health Organization, which confirmed that the results are negative.
He added that 25 cases, most of whom are foreign nationals, were examined in the temporary capital of Aden, but the results were negative.
According to the official, 60 artificial respirators were distributed to the liberated governorates, and molecular biological units in a number of governorates, and were provided with laboratory solutions.
He added that other units will be opened in the coming days in each of Sayun, Al-Mahra, Shabwa, Marib, and the rest of the governorates.
Al-Walidi called on the World Health Organization and all partners to intensify efforts with the Ministry of Health and Population regarding supplies, including artificial respirators and all supplies to combat Covid-19 virus.


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