Atletico lie in the injured Real Madrid .. Barcelona seeks to forget the loss

Atletico Madrid are hoping to exploit the Real Madrid’s shaky morale and repeat their European Super Cup appearance when they host Saturday’s seventh round of the Spanish league.

After appearing at the start of the season not impressed by the departure of French coach Zinedine Zidane and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who led him to the Champions League title in the last three seasons, Real on Wednesday suffered his first defeat in the league and came a hard result at the Andalusian side Sevilla with three clean.

Real and coach Julien Lobetigi will not have much time to catch up and try to find out what happened at the Ramon Sánchez Pescuán stadium. They are called to advance quickly in order to try to avoid what happened in the last encounter against the men of Argentine coach Diego Simone when they lost 2- 4 ot on August 15 in the European Super Cup match.

The club’s third defeat in the second round of Ramon Sanchez Pescuán, which he has not won since May 2, 2015, and was clearly affected by the absence of his playmaker Isco, who underwent surgery to remove the appendix, will put him out for about a month.

“I can not explain the previous defeats here,” said Lopegeti, referring to Real Madrid’s Real Madrid team. “We also have to highlight the merits and style of Sevilla in these confrontations.

On the other hand, the title of Barcelona will not be much better than their rivals Real, but their task seems easier on Saturday when they receive at home from Athletic Bilbao at the hands of Villarreal in a 3-0 win and have only won an orphan since the start of the season. Against Liganes.

Barcelona’s fans are certainly not satisfied with the 2-1 defeat by Ernesto Valverde’s team at the Legianis Stadium, who came in for their first win of the season.

Again, Valverde failed in the philosophy of rotation in the squad to keep the basic trio Jordi Alba and Uruguayan Luis Suarez and the Portuguese Nelson Semedo on the bench where he played Sergi Roberto and Belgian Thomas Vermailan and Mounir Haddadi their place, before being forced to the last two replace Bsoarez Alba without success to avoid defeat.

“We need full confidence in the whole team, you can not play the whole season with only 11 players,” he said.

Said Valverde: “What happened against Ganis can not be explained, but we expect to get things of this kind, and we must be ready to turn the situation to our advantage when difficult things” .. “We found it difficult to create opportunities, and they we closed the road in the back.”

“It’s not an easy moment, we did not expect it to happen, but we have a game ahead of us on Saturday and we need to help everyone to do it.”

Source: AFP


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