New fingerprint reader for Apple phones



The year 2017 witnessed a great competition among smart phone manufacturers, and most companies focused on the design of the phone and the provision of screens that take a large proportion of the structure of the phone, and the new challenge for 2018 will be the incorporation of fingerprint sensor on the screen, where a series of reports that indicate Some companies succeed in developing this technology.

New reports have revealed that Apple has developed a fingerprint scanner built into the screen and relies on ultrasound technology, the same technology that is relied on by some Chinese manufacturers of smart phones.

Qualcomm has been working since 2016 to develop the Snapdragon Sense ID technology, a technology that allows the sensor to read the fingerprint in 3D through ultrasound. Korea’s KTB expects to charge 100 million phones with a fingerprint sensor Built into the screen, increasing to 210 million units over the next year.


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