Several reports indicate that Facebook plans to launch its own digital currency, such as Bitquin, to facilitate payments through its website, which has more than two billion users. Facebook did not disclose much details about the project, and its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, In January, the intention of Facebook to study the positive and negative aspects of encrypted digital currency technologies.

David Marcos, former president of PayPal and one of the investors in the Betquin currency, is leading a team of 12 employees who are studying and exploring Block Qin technology, the technology on which digital currencies depend and may have other business applications to act as a transaction log, Some sources point out that Facebook will need acquisitions of Block Block companies to develop their own currency.

The reports come just a few days after Facebook announced major internal management changes, including the creation of a section to explore the uses of Block Qin’s Facebook technology, headed by David Marcus, who has headed Messenger in the last four years.

This is not the first time Facebook has been interested in digital operations. In 2009, it launched a virtual currency platform, but it was used exclusively to buy virtual goods in video games. The platform was not popular and Facebook closed it two years later.

The digital currency industry caused a stir at the end of last year and the price of Bitquin was $ 19,000. However, technology companies such as Google and Twitter blocked digital advertising, and many countries blocked the trading of content and other virtual currencies.


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